A fresh idea, surrounded by a whole lot of passion. That’s how it starts. For my clients, it’s a dream decades in the making. For me, it’s the love of creating a custom mountain home that fulfills—and exceeds—that dream. And through it all, I thrive on hard work, true collaboration with my clients, years of experience and the humble pursuit of superb architecture.

Tom Cole Architecture combines my passion for design, adoration of mountain life and love of architecture. In 1989 I arrived in Vail, Colorado after getting my architectural degree from the University of Cincinnati. For 13 years, I practiced architecture at Morter Architects, with my mentor and friend, Jim Morter. There, my specialties grew to include mountain architecture, log and timber home design and professional architectural renderings, models and presentation materials.

Unlike many young architects who rely heavily on computer drafting, I offer my clients the benefit of hand-drawn sketches and renderings, and hand-made 3-D models. This fluid, free-flowing design process is a fun, exciting, sky’s-the-limit collaboration with my clients. When a client has an idea, I can sketch it quickly and it immediately becomes a working part of the creative process. The more ideas, the more sketches, the closer we are to creating your perfect home.